Posted on 24 May 2011


As part of mEducator BPN is to propose and in turn develop a public metadata content description scheme for the project. Within the first year of mEducator the consortium has initiated the process of creating the mEducator metadata scheme.
This process included :

  • the analysis of Healthcare LOM, the evaluation of other specifications and standards,
  • the incorporation of extensions for repurposed content (taking into account novel approaches on entity identifiers over the web) and
  • a recommendation for a mEducator metadata scheme, which is presented as an independent schema that fits and addresses the needs of the mEducator educational content types and sharing functionalities and incorporates a combined taxonomy / folksonomy approach


Since the aim of mEducator project is sharing and repurposing of medical educational resources with a further aim to enrich the medical curriculum between different European academic institutions, concerns regarding the repurposing process, the granting of a copyright license to make use of a resource, as well as the integration of pedagogical values to the resources that will be used within meducator’s sharing solutions should all be taken into account when developing the metadata scheme. In particular, the metadata scheme:

  • Provides a standardised tool for communicating pedagogical contexts
  • Allows repurposed descriptions of content
  • Captures the semantics of the relationships (if any) among the metadata fields and the Learning Resource, to facilitate the definition of the RDF classes and attributes and the reuse of existing metadata vocabularies.
  • Incorporates existing resource description (e.g. FOAF used for users descriptions, etc.)
  • Takes into account Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) on the educational resources by the use of proposed licences (Creative Commons)

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