1 Taking into account the rest of the cost evaluation please provide an overall estimation of the total costs for full deployment/production of the R & D result.
… in terms of IPR protection
Since Creative Commons have been selected by the research team for IPR management there is no fee planned for the protection of rights. A stronger IPR management scheme will require a USPTO patent (allowed for S/W) with a cost of about 10.000 Euro.




…in terms of product development
There are additional costs for product refinement, testing and validation that are planned as follows:

Project manager 12 months x 3000 euro= 36.000

Technical staff (2) 12 months x 2000 euro = 48.000

Tester 6 months x 3000 euro = 18.000

General expenses licensees etc  = 30.000

Total 132.000 euro


…in terms of mass production

No mass production planned



… in terms of marketing
Marketing cost will be intensified after the first year of developing and when the product will be ready to be introduced to the market and then will be retained throughout the five year period.

For the first year a cost of 20.000 euro is planned and then will be retained to 5.000 per year for the next four years.




2 Based on the above assessment as well as the marketing information please provide the correct estimation of the price for R&D product in correlation with costs
    Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
  Fixed costs 20000 25000 30000 35000 40000
  Personnel 102000 25500 34000 42500 51000
  Other running costs 30000 12750 17000 21250 25500
  Marketing costs 0 20000 5000 5000 5000
  TOTAL EXPECTED COSTS 152000 83250 86000 103750 121500
  Price per Unit 250 850 850 850 850
  Number of Units 0 150 200 250 300
  TOTAL Expected Revenues 0 127500 170000 212500 255000
  CASH FLOW REQUIRED (REVENUES-COSTS) -152000 44250 84000 108750 133500
  TOTAL CAPITAL required for five years 152.000




3 Dimension of identified target groups
Searching certified training associations worldwide a number of 9000 members are estimated. Considering the thematic interest of health education an undefined portion of 10% id estimated to have this thematic interest. The final target share is targeted to 10% for the period of the five year plan.



4 Evaluation of financial Risks for R&D result
There is potential technological devaluation risk from emerging technical upgrades and solutions




After evaluating all the above mentioned criteria, please tick the best financing source for the achievement of R&D result (i.e. own capitals, banking credits, venture capital, business angels, etc)


1. European Funding

Define relevance of the product with the following potential funding sources and comment

FP7 ICT and Health priority areas


2. National Funding
GSRT – research and cooperation projects


3. Private funding
Private funding for research -  joint ventures


4. Other


It is requested a final evaluation considering the funding opportunities you believe most suitable for the exploitation of the R&D result, considering the possibility of the creation of a spin-off, further research, in particular, a cost/benefit analysis and a financial projection for the R&D result, type of collaboration identified (i.e. Licensing Agreement, Technical Cooperation, Joint Venture, Manufacturing Agreement, Commercial Agreement with Technical Assistance, Creation of a spin-off, Joint further development)…
The investment is not capital intensive. The rather low amount of required capital could be retained from research funding programmes. The main cost involved is the recruitment of special marketers who could be able to affectively target markets and create favorable conditions for introducing mEducator into markets.


Decision of evaluation (Please keep only the appropriate)

  • The R&D has a high potential of exploitation



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