Arguments against the use of metadata are present. One of the main issues is the creation and the maintenance of valid metadata. To this notion economics of metadata creation, continues evolution of standards and the required specialized knowledge to edit metadata standards should always be taken under serious consideration. It is imperative that one needs at least user-friendly tools and editors for metadata creation and editing.
There are currently many efforts for developing user-friendly tools for metadata creation. A basic distinction of those tools is whether they are web-based or not. A web based editor uses a database to store metadata and is capable of exporting a metadata file upon request, while a non-web-based solution usually stores the metadata directly into an RDF file. mEducator editor could ease the procedure of creating metadata without having metadata users to be online.


In order to facilitate the process of creating metadata within mEducator the consortium has decided to develop metadata editors. Metadata editors are tools that enable the creation of xml files in a user-friendly way; otherwise the creation of xml files would be a time-consuming process almost impossible to be processed by non-technical target audience. A mEducator editor was created to facilitate the mEducator schema/ontology. It is based on technology and lesson learned from Healthcare LOM editor. The mEducator editor is RDF – based and has been using C# in MS Visual Studio. The mEducator editor is open source and is under Creative Commons GNU General Public License.

The main use cases for the mEducator editor are:

  • Creating new Healthcare LOM file. The user fills in all the fields that he judge that should be filled in, by changing tabs for each separate category.
  • Updating an existing Healthcare LOM file. The user opens an already created XML H-LOM file and updates any fields that he/ she wants. For example, changing the version of the content item, adding a new author, etc.
  • Validation of Healthcare LOM file. While the file is opening a validation of the data occurs. Selecting XML view. At a button click the user has the opportunity to see the XML document and to browsing it.
  • Expanding/Collapsing the Treeview of Healthcare LOM. By client suitable button the user may view and browse all the metadata in a treeview in a more friendly way. The user can always collapse the treeview and continue with the editing or the insertion of the metadata.
  • Asking for Help. While filling in or editing the elements of Healthcare LOM a help-sign and an info box may promptly pop up with relevant instructions. To this extent a mouse roll over for more than 2 seconds on the help sign will make a help note to appear when then vanishes on mouse movement.
  • Tranform pubmed metadata to mEducator scheme/ontology. A pubmed metadata file can be uploaded to mEducator Editor. All the matching fields of the two schemas are loaded into the form and the tree structure in mEdcautor Editor. Additionally fields of mEducator scheme that are absent from PUBMED scheme can be filled out through the editor and saved

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