We provide a solution in which a software program, called an agent, and in our case agent Mertacor, gathers the necessary information from the advertisers’ e-commerce website, analyzes them and submit bids that ensure profitable positions in the search results, but with low expenditure in order to generate profit. The solution is mostly autonomous and requires little human supervision, making it desirable to companies that cannot afford the personnel or the high costs to take on the task of running PPC campaigns.

·       The project team


Advisor’s Name:  Prof. Pericles A. Mitkas
Phone: 2310996390
Expecting date of valorization plan submission:  Undefined

·       Identification of R&D activity

Acronym: Mertacor
Author of the R&D result:  
Company or University:  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki / Centre for Research and Technology Hellas
Phone:  2310996349
Sector:  ICT
Type of the R&D result:  

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