MENTOR Laparoscopic Training System

Mentor-laparoscopic training systemAlthough laparoscopic techniques are common amongst the surgical procedures, the graduate and postgraduate education lacks an objective assessment system. The fundament of a successful education is a score system which can assess the abilities comparably and appropriately, and an environment which can simulate the reality. Apart from measuring time required for a given task (which is a well-known method), measuring the distance covered by the tip of the laparoscopic instrument is an objective attribute of surgical skills.
The philosophy behind MENTOR Training System is to define the main factors which affect laparoscopic surgical performance, and measure them. Measuring considered appropriate if the result is always created by the same method, and is free of any subjective factor. By following this idea performance measurements can be handled as a standardised value, thus making comparisons feasible. With an identical assessment method scores can be compared amongst different users, or amongst the different tries of the same user producing a learning curve eventually.

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