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PART a: IDENTIFICATION OF R&D Result                                                                      

PARTEA A: Identificarea rezultatului cercetării-deZvoltării (CD)

·         The project team

Echipa proiectului

Advisor’s Name:Nume: Department of Technologies and MaterialsProject: Methods, tools and technologies for drying agricultural products with solar energy
Phone:Telefon: +40 723 163396
E-mail: dumitrudc10@yahoo.com
Expecting date of valorization plan submission:Data aşteptată pentru trimiterea planului de valorizare 04.02.2012

·         Identification of R&D activity

Identificarea activităţii de cercetare-dezvoltare (CD)

Acronym:Acronim: DTM 
Author of the R&D result:Autorul rezultatului CD:  Dr. Eng. Cernaianu Corina
Company or University:Companies au universitate:  UNIVERSITY OF  CRAIOVA, ROMANIA 
Phone:Telefon: + 40 745 933652
E-mail: cernaianu_corina@yahoo.com
Sector:Domeniu:  ENG – Engineering
Type of the R&D result:Tipul rezultatului CD:   Technology


Partea B: Planul de valorizare


Please provide a short description of the state-of-the-art and/or current trends in the field? How does the result fit into it? 

Vă rugăm să faceţi o scurtă prezentare a celor mai importante realizări în domeniu şi/sau tendinţele actuale? Cum se încadrează rezultatul CD în acest context?

In the last 15 years with the advent of private farms, especially those with large farming areas, drying facilities have been put into service for grains, especially imported units, of different types and working capacities.
In general, energy consumption of installations in both categories above is little known.
Energy consumption in existing drying facilities is relatively high. This may have the following explanation: at the time when these machines were installed, the energy consumption problem was not raised, as in other areas too;
on the other hand, the energy performance in drying installations worldwide was lower, many subsequent refinements aimed specifically to reduce energy consumption.

This paper presents methods, tools and automation technology for drying agricultural products.
Therefore the research is critically evaluating the drying process, the influence of various drying parameters, and it offers a constructive solution for optimally controlling these parameters.

Also, the present study aimed to investigate the energy performance of representative equipment for drying agricultural products.





What is the problem/need/knowledge gap that the research result is responding to?  How was it addressed before?Care este problema/necesitatea/deficitul de cunoştinţe la care a cărei soluţionare contribuie rezultatul cercetării ? A fost acest aspect abordat anterior?
In the field of drying equipment for agricultural products, among others,  two major technological knowledge gaps are identified:
- Lack of knowledge on drying process of agricultural products;
- Use of solar energy in drying processes of agricultural vegetal products
- Manufacturing of seed dryers;
- The influence of technical and functional parameters of grain dryers on specific energy consumption and product quality.The innovative character of the project stems from the fact that performing dryers can be launched on domestic and European markets.




What is the potential for further research?Care este potenţialul pentru cercetarea viitoare?
The research team of Motor vehicles, Transportation and Industrial Engineering Department of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Craiova, has a long experience, both for research and practice for the following:
- Innovation and support in designing drying installations;
- Developing methods, tools and technology for drying agricultural products;
- Adaptive and optimal control.





What is the proposed method of IPR-protection? (patent, license, trademark etc.)Care este metoda propusă pentru protecţia drepturilor de proprietate intelectua (brevet, licenţă, marcă înregistrată etc.)
It is proposed the protection of intellectual property rights of “Method, tools and technology for drying agricultural products using solar energy” by license.




What are the steps that need to be taken in order to secure the IPR-protection? What is the cost of IPR-protection?Care sunt etapele ce trebuie parcurse pentru a se asigura drepturile de proprietate intelectuală? Care este costul pentru asigurarea proprietăţii intelectuale?
Steps that must be taken to ensure intellectual property rights are as follows:
1. Set-up Title of invention
2. Presentation of the current
3. Submit technical documentation
4. Examination of the invention application
5. Claims
6.  Granting the patent and its issuance



What is you overall assessment of the scientific maturity of the research result?Care este evaluarea generală a maturităţii ştiinţifice a rezultatului CD?
Developing a set of original knowledge on vegetable grain drying equipment is the evidence of scientific maturity evidence of the R&D result. Excellent scientific and technological research results consist of:
- Development of new technologies for drying;
- Development of new control systems for functional parameters;
- Development of methods of analysis and synthesis of data obtained during the experiments.

The current state of knowledge, theoretical approaches and practical implementations reveals that the solutions presented are real and feasible.


Evaluare cantitativă (0-5)

Please put X as appropriate.

Vă rugăm să marcaţi cu X  punctajul considerat corespunzător

1 2 3 4 5
Scientific maturityMaturitate ştiinţifică X
SynergiesSinergii X
State-of-the-art/innovationCele mai importante realizări în domeniu/grad de inovare X
IPR-potentialPotenţialul privind drepturile de proprietate intelectuală X


We agree that all informations contained in this form to be made public in the project „Inter-regional cooperation for valorization of research results – INTERVALUE”, by publication on the project website: http://www.urenio.org/intervalue/.

Suntem de acord ca informaţiile cuprinse în acest formular să fie făcute publice în cadrul proiectului „Inter-regional cooperation for valorization of research results – INTERVALUE”, prin publicarea lor pe site-ul proiectului, la adresa: http://www.urenio.org/intervalue/.

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