Essential in the proper functioning of modern manufacturing systems is the degree of automation and control equipment by means of performance. It lead to a combination of performance characteristics on the accuracy and quality of processing, with good management and the specific consumption of material resources, energy, materials and tools. Modern automated and equipped with advanced command and control means, also allow the introduction of large scale integration opportunities trial process using computers.
Projects in this area have focused on studies and automatic control of process parameters in finish machining. Were studied and implemented systems of their own design automation provided with specific elements.


Studies and projects in the field of automation and control can provide a platform to facilitate the theoretical and applied research in this field. Learning platform is based on both theoretical research on experimental results, the automated command and control systems or by classical computational systems.
Categories proposed in the study platform can cover most of the potential requirements required as follows:
a) development of new technologies for automation and control:
Applications of new automation technologies incorporating smart features to find, select and develop information on technological developments related to automation and control.
b) development of new automation and control systems:
Learning platform is a tool that provides information on the means of automation and control equipment, computer systems needed to be used at each stage of the process: 1) establishing the automation scheme, 2) system design; 3 ) concept development, 4) analysis of project results, 5) the implementation of the project, 6) test in practice.
c) development of methods of analysis and synthesis of data derived from study of the implementation of modern automation and control systems, production machinery and new and in service.
Platform to measure and study the technical and operating data storage, real-time data acquisition modes of performance.
d) development of management methods of progress on the implementation of modern automation and control systems:
Learning platform allows the use of tools for monitoring and evaluating progress in starting the project until its completion and implementation in practice.

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