It is possible to set up a system with conventional optical elements using the solution offered by the invention or by methods found in computer tomography (CT), which are capable both of resolving samples smaller than Rayleigh’s resolution limit as determined by these elements and of improving the optical transmission function for the microscope.

One of the efficacious applications of the invention is the use of back-protection filtration (BPF) for image reconstruction. An object can be examined from several directions with the optical microscope system. The results (data) can be stored on a computer and an image of the object can be formed with an image reconstruction tool, e.g. software. The lateral resolution capability of the optical microscope system based on the invention increases with each further step taken and with each further direction from which the object is examined. Using the system in confocal mode provides the option of even creating a 3D image of the object.

Another benefit of the system is its compatibility; that is it can be used with other microscope systems and processes according to how it is set (e.g. multiphoton microscopy and use of immersion fluids), and thus its field of use can also be expanded.

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