We do not know for sure why there are so few bending or bowing (meaning in vertical projection) walls applied in architectural spaces. One possible answer is that there are no or only a few catalogue furnishing solutions for them. The initial design problem is to design a modular catalogue system furniture, which is able to follow positive or negative curved walls, just as wavy shapes, with the possibility of incremental, preferably with continuous adjustment. Referring the functions all common living room functions have been targeted.


After studying many kinds of structures and structural furniture design, paying attention to formability, elasticity, mod­ularity etc. Joe Colombo’s Tubo chair and the structure of bicycle chains inspired the work. The system is named MODIVA. Its elements can be combined in many different ways according to user’s wish. Maximum six shelf units can be built upon each other vertically. In the horizontal direction there are no limits. Opened, semi-opened and closed shelf units can be fixed to the frames. Maximum two neighboring shelf units can be skipped in a row, for strength reasons. On the brink of the furniture, only one shelf unit can be skipped in each row. Frames allow rotation on the centerlines by axial ball bearings. The curve of the furniture can be fixed by fastening these bearings. The legs of the furniture are also balls so it is easy to clean up under it. The whole system compares to a scaled-up trendy design chain.

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