ViVo is on the market as innovator of Voice Over IP. In addition to making VoIP phone calls possible, these exchanges can interact with most existing PBX, to be connected to outside lines (ISDN, PRI, analogic lines) every situation making them versatile and can be integrated into existing systems. In this way, geographically distant locations can communicate by typing this in the other seat indoor making it completely invisible to the physical distance. User the system will appear as a normal switchboard when in fact the calls will go through the Internet at no cost. Vivo is a native VoIP and is able to manage communications the same way as those audio video.

The objective of MMP Monitor Multistandard Phone is to optimize and make ergonomic the use of a telephone optimizing the space for other services.  MMP Monitor Multistandard Phone collects in only one device all the many functions. It is made of:

  • Adapter flange to monitor (on customer required)
  • Analogic input BCA
  • LAN port for local PC
  • Local power supply DC
  • Power for USB devices
  • Cable’s Port handset
  • Cover replaceable for cordless adapting
  • Removable support belt cordless
  • Power’s Contacts / Charger for cordless
  • Charge’s indication

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