Foldable electric scooter with in built electric wheel motors, lithium-ion battery.

Description of technical concepts:

- light carbon fiber composite body

- when folded the scooter is the size of a large suitcase, no parking – space is needed

- electric wheel motors

- pedal-generator

Foldability: unloaded weight: 25 kg , speed:  45-50 km/h, range: 35/70 km / charge, consumption:  2 kWh/100 km, battery durability: 35.000 km.

Moveo - Foldable Ultra Light Electric Scooter

Outstanding energy efficiency and usability achieved by:

  • Battery management system (Lithium-Ion).
  • Electric control systems
  • Wheel motors
  • Material – carbon composite body and its technology
  • Energy consumption rate

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