The main objective of the project is the creation of a collection of documents and publications relating to Giovanni Antonio de ‘Sacchis. These documents will be digitized and entered into a database continuously updated, searchable even remotely.

Among the main objectives of the project:
- to raise awareness and enhance the figure of Giovanni Antonio de ‘Sacchis, displaying the most relevant elements of his production thanks to modern technology based on an interactive fruition;
- to respond to different educational and communicative needs;
- to create a centre where store all documents and publications on the artist;
- to reinforce the cultural identity of the city of Pordenone;
- to develop and define the relationship between university education and the needs of the territory;
- to give rise in a provincial reality to an innovative mechanism of art consumption;
- to promote an effective scientific and technological network, involving Italian and foreign universities and local companies;
- to ensure a permanent showcase for innovation.


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