Over 2 billions of people, 1/3 of the present human population, are infected by M. tuberculosis and over 8 millions of people develop active tuberculosis annually.

For decades, much of the industrialized world thought TB was defeated, and investment in TB R & D essentially dried up. The drugs, vaccine, and diagnostics used to fight TB were antiquated, slow, and ineffective, and they were being implemented in the context of weak health systems.

The current standard diagnostic methods used in the developing world fail to detect more than half of the active TB cases. There is, therefore, a pressing need for a simple, rapid, inexpensive, yet highly accurate TB diagnostic tests that could save hundreds of thousands of human lives world wide annually.

Reliable and inexpensive diagnostic tool, based on levels of selected proteins in human blood plasma samples, that is suitable for large-scale screens performed in rural environments with limited resources.

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