Nature on your screenThe European award of the project on the competition of young scientists is a good “trademark” and has a high value.

The research responds to the environment and methodology gap between education and modern ICT tools. In order to respond to these problems the aim was to establish a future leading learning environment with particular emphasis on technical-virtual features as well as social aspects in whichstudents can observe and discover phenomena through genuine inquiry. The basic sets of problems are introduced through the students’ exploring, experimenting and individual problem-solving which provides the context of the joy over the recognition.The programme set the students into a comforting yet challenging learning environment that is similar to the ones they most frequently use in non-formal learning (just like in computer games) and which is efficient at improving key competencies related to science learning. It also provides teachers with a tool with which they can continuously follow and support the students’ work individually allowing process-orientated work and assessment.




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