The cattle breeding in Abruzzo Region is based on the production of meat: on a gross production value approximately of € 261 billion, 74% is represented by the meat industry, producing about 900 thousand tons, corresponding to 1% of the total national production. In addition, an important feature to consider is that the development of “marks of origin” of meat can influence positively the quality of local productions.

The present research aims at studying the major viral agents responsible for diarrhea in calves during the first weeks of life allows a loss of containment. This will be through the evaluation of the prevalence of BCoV, BRV, and Nev BNoV in cattle herds, through the analysis of risk factors that favor the spread of these pathogens in calves and in the environment, in order to define appropriate prophylaxis plans to be apply in the first instance in local cattle herds.

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