The challenge is the creation of an hybrid product with the following characteristics: reliability and hydraulics quality, electro – mechanical simplicity.

New Half Tank: Hydraulic swing gate operator for condominium use (leaf lenght max 7 m). The HALF TANK products are high quality hydraulic operators for condominium use for leaf lengths up to respectively 6 and 7 meters with electric lock. The challenge for the creation of an hybrid product is to face the daily future challenges especially in technology but working with a product with great experience.

HALF TANK is a hydraulic operator for swing gates satisfying the requirements of very exigent customers regarding quality and long time lasting. Hydraulic silence and reliability SEA TOTAL QUALITY: All main parts are manufactured and tested in-house. The functioning of the operator through oil and the inner lubrication of all mechanical components grant a long time lasting. Anti – crashing security through force adjusting by-pass valves. Available versions with hydraulic slow down in both opening and closing. Versions with lock in both directions (AC) only in closing (SC) only in opening (SA) and without lock (SB). Model 100 with 270mm run and model 200 with 390mm run for applications on pillars with long leaves.

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