The automatic clutch transforms a car with ordinary gear-box into a car with semi-automatic gear-box. The transformed car is easier for drive, especially in heavy traffic conditions due to the removal of the clutch pedal – the biggest advantage of the automatic gear-box. Other important advantages of the automatic clutch are its lower production and material costs.

Up to now the automatic clutch has been installed on two different automobiles and the practical tests showed more than 30% of material economy as compared to the ordinary clutch.

The precise friction control of the automatic clutch allows great simplification of the friction disk by sparing between 40% and 50% of the material costs due to the elimination of the heavy anti-vibrating mechanism. This important advantage for reducing complexity and weight of the friction disk is achieved through the precise cohesion between the friction disk and the pressure plate of the automatic clutch.

The control of the respective gearbox can be designed in different ways as per the needs of the market/customer including interface for the driver similar to Tiptronic®.

The Bulgarian company analysed the currently patented inventions in this field and has not found models with the characteristics presented by the proposed innovation. Moreover, the market research showed that none of the current inventions are part of a batch production cycle.

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