The NoV are currently recognized as a major cause of epidemic gastroenteritis of bacterial origin in humans. Epidemiological studies in Italy have demonstrated the role of NoV as entero-pathogenic and circulation in the pediatric population Italian global spread of epidemic variants (GII.4/2004, GII.4/2006a, GII.4/2006b, GII.4. b / The Hilversum), and reported the circulation of viruses rarest GI and GIV. In most cases documented so far, outbreaks are associated with the consumption of contaminated food and water source for irrigation (retrieved wastewater and surface water) are often recognized as a major source of contamination.

The results from present study aims at formulating a protocol based on monitoring in respect of NoV circulating on territory, in order to reduce the risk of contamination of primary agricultural products intended for consumption human and animal.

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