Technical feasibility

SECTION I: Testing

1 Has the R & D result been tested?
YES YES, partly
The following question is replied according to the reply in question 1
If yes 
1a In what mode has the result been tested?

•              Prototype

•              Pilot Application

•              Alpha/BETA testing


Semi industrial prototype

1b. Please describe and discuss the testing results
A new procedure for production Balkan traditional milk fat dairy product (BTMFDP) has been developed and tested in the authors company; it is a promising solution. This procedure covers all steps included in traditional Balkan traditional milk fat dairy production (BTMFDP), but they are realized by methods acceptable for industrial implementation and in such a way that they eliminate safety risks and enable standardization of (BTMFDP), production.

New procedure for production BTMFDP must be placed in existing, or newly build dairy plant, as a separate department, but with a number of joint functions with the structure of dairy plant, such are milk reception, pasteurization and storage, cleaning and storage facilities, energy sources ect. Working of dairy plant considers production of range of dairy products, so it is difficult to extract costs that are referred only to new procedure for production BTMFDP.

 If no:

1c Describe what type of testing does the R&D result need?
It is necessary to do testing a function of industrial equipment for production Balkan traditional milk fat dairy product (BTMFDP) (which is in designing step), as well as quality and shelf life of product produced on industrial scale. 
1d. What is the time needed for testing?
One local dairy plant intends to set up industrial production of (BTMFDP)  in late 2012. Installation of industrial line is planned for late 2012. Year. Testing will take 3 months after installation of the equipment.
1e. What is the cost needed for testing?
10.000 e

SECTION 2: Current Stage of Development 

2a To what extent does the development team have technical resources for supporting the production of a new product? (Researchers, human resources, hardware, etc. )
Development team consists of people who worked on development of new technology procedure. Application of developed technology is so far on semi industrial scale, but the development of modular industrial equipment is ongoing, and the equipment will be available soon. Patent application is in the final stage of preparation.After installation of industrial equipment, development team is fully prepared for supporting the introduction of developed technology in all aspects of support. 


2c What additional technical resources are needed for the production of this new product?
It is necessary to complete the design industrial equipment and to create complete documentation for machinery. It is also necessary to test product quality produced on industrial equipment and shelf life of the product. 


2d Overall assessment of the current stage of technical development.
Technical development is based on the semi industrial equipment. Preparation of industrial equipment is ongoing. Testing of final product is necessary. For production BTMFDP it is necessary to have a dairy plant with the BTMFDP department, as a part of the plant. 

 SECTION 3: Deployment

3a Define the demands for large scale production in terms of
  • Materials
All materials for production on large scale are standard materials in dairy plant and are available 
  • technologies, tools, machineries
New technology for BTMFDP is completed and may be applied in production.

Machinery and tools for industrial production are in the phase of development and will be available at the middle of 2012. year.

For BTMFDP is necessary to have a complete dairy plant, with separate department for production BTMFDP. Beside, this production takes only about 5% of processed milk; dairy plant must have a possibility to process the reminded milk in adequate dairy products.

  • Staff effort
Research and technical staff are working on designing of industrial equipment for new technology for BTMFDP.

 Prototype of machinery will be produced next year for one local dairy plant.

Operating of BTMFDP department within the dairy plant requests three workers, working in two work shifts. Apart of this production needs some services from different departments of dairy plant, such are: milk pasteurization, CIP washing, laboratory analysis, storage, ect.

 SECTION 4: Overall Assessment 

1 What is your overall assessment of the technical feasibility of the research result?
Technology is developed on semi industrial level, design of modular industrial equipment is ongoing, and for new technology for production for BTMFDP it is necessary to run dairy business. It is necessary to do testing of final product on industrial scale.
Please put X as appropriate. 1 2 3 4 5
Adequacy of testing activity undertaken so far       x  
Adequacy and availability of technical resources of the development team       x  
Current development stage       x  
Overall technical feasibility     x    

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