NUMIX promotes the wide adoption of lightweight aggregate products obtained from plastic waste recycling.

NUMIX Densified Flakes and Expanded Granules are obtained from the scrap of the sorting of plastic waste (from both solid urban and industrial/ craftmade/ commercial waste).

NUMIX products consist of:

  • Densified Flakes: obtained from plastic waste recycling and can be used as aggregate for concrete and mortar
  • Expanded Granules: obtained by a patented foaming process starting from Densified Flakes and can be used as aggregate for lightened structural and non-structural concrete, substituting traditional aggregates (e.g. expanded clay)

for the building field (lightened structural and non-structural concrete, mortar. The granules production’s technology is based on a process of expansion of plastic recycling developed and patented by CETMA. The use of these materials in the concrete reduces the thermal conductivity and thus improve the energy efficiency of structures. NUMIX was funded under the call of 2008 CIP Eco Innovation Program. The project is in progress and will close on June 30th, 2012.

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