The price of the product is not predetermined. The product will be priced according to the client’s specific needs and the evaluation of the total investment will be made after the final exploitation decisions of the research unit itself.



3 Dimension of identified target groups
The target group of this R&D result, which is the same with all the other mathematical models (MEMO, MIMO, MARS/MUSE) that the LHTEE’s research team has developed, consists of more than 40 national and international intergovernmental organizations dealing with environmental issues, as well as more than 220 environmental NGOs (with different, however, levels of activation). The number of enterprises that constitute potential clients is very difficult to be determined, since all companies with industrial facilities can be included in this target group.


4 Evaluation of financial Risks for R&D result
Financial risks associated with the R&D result are very low, as the model does not need further development and its introduction to the market does not require immediate funding. Potential risks may only be associated with marketing costs, as the variety and the distribution of existing target groups prohibits the possibility of performing targeted marketing.



After evaluating all the above mentioned criteria, please tick the best financing source for the achievement of R&D result (i.e. own capitals, banking credits, venture capital, business angels, etc)


1. European Funding 

Define relevance of the product with the following potential funding sources and comment

1. FP 7 (cooperation-climate change) 

2. LIFE – DG Environment

3. CIP-EIP – DG Environment


2. National Funding
1. Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change 

2. GSRT – spin off


3. Private funding
1. Venture capital 

2. Private environmental NGO’s (eg. The Climate Project, Climate Action Network etc).


4. Other
1. National environmental organizations (ministries of the environment) 

2. European Environmental Agency (EEA)

3. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)- United Nations (UN)

4. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

5. World Health Organization etc


It is requested a final evaluation considering the funding opportunities you believe most suitable for the exploitation of the R&D result, considering the possibility of the creation of a spin-off, further research, in particular, a cost/benefit analysis and a financial projection for the R&D result, type of collaboration identified (i.e. Licensing Agreement, Technical Cooperation, Joint Venture, Manufacturing Agreement, Commercial Agreement with Technical Assistance, Creation of a spin-off, Joint further development)…
The R&D result is a ready to use product. OFIS is a reliable model for simulating air pollutant transport and transformation in an urban plume. It is fully compatible with other meteorological and chemistry-transport models that the research team has developed and is provided as a package application, allowing for the development of functions and applications with more complicated features. The proposed method for commercializing this product is through the development of a spin-off company.

Decision of evaluation

  • The R&D has a high potential of exploitation
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