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PART a: IDENTIFICATION OF R&D Result                                                                      

PARTEA A: Identificarea rezultatului cercetării-deZvoltării (CD)

·         The project team

Echipa proiectului

Advisor’s Name:Nume: Department of Technologies and Materials
Phone:Telefon:  +40.723.163396
E-mail: dumitrudc10@yahoo.com   
Expecting date of valorization plan submission:Data aşteptată pentru trimiterea planului de valorizare  17.01.2012

·         Identification of R&D activity

Identificarea activităţii de cercetare-dezvoltare (CD)

Acronym:Acronim: DTM
Author of the R&D result:Autorul rezultatului CD:  Dr. Eng. Dumitru Constantin
Company or University:Companies au universitate:  UNIVERSITY OF  CRAIOVA, ROMANIA 
Phone:Telefon:  +40.723.163396
E-mail:  dumitrudc10@yahoo.com
Sector:Domeniu:  ENG – Engineering
Type of the R&D result:Tipul rezultatului CD:   Informatic Product


Partea B: Planul de valorizare


Please provide a short description of the state-of-the-art and/or current trends in the field? How does the result fit into it?

Vă rugăm să faceţi o scurtă prezentare a celor mai importante realizări în domeniu şi/sau tendinţele actuale? Cum se încadrează rezultatul CD în acest context?

There are a broad range of software products on market that can be used over different phases of design and operation of flexible manufacturing systems, such as:  project planning, modeling, functional analysis and simulation.
ARENA – made by System Modeling Corporation, is a simulator equipped with animation package. By help of Arena software the simulation is built by selecting a model containing full details of a process. Modules can be organized in formats that are specialized on different areas. The image of modeled construction is made of model and experiment image. An important aspect of the program is the ability to describe workstations and define a sequence for moving the entities in the system.
WITNESS – is a form of interactive graphical simulation with artificial intelligence that allows a non-specialist in building the models of complex operations. In Witness the simulation is mimicking an operation, a real process or system in a defined (pre-set) time. The model usually is a set of assumptions concerning the system operation. Current trends in the field:
- Simulation in industrial environments to reduce risk arising when introducing new equipment and technologies to manufacture new products and to meet the strict delivery deadlines;
- Modeling the transport and handling systems including conveyors, belts, guided vehicles etc.;
- Confirmation that the solutions are statistically sound.

The assessed R&D result is suitable to this context. The software product is suitable for accurate and concise modeling and optimization of a manufacturing system, thus enabling an accurate simulation whereby the errors are minimal.





What is the problem/need/knowledge gap that the research result is responding to?  How was it addressed before?Care este problema/necesitatea/deficitul de cunoştinţe la care a cărei soluţionare contribuie rezultatul cercetării ? A fost acest aspect abordat anterior?
Ever growing concern which occurs worldwide, for modeling and optimization of products, has become a requirement in the manufacturing processes and systems, motivated by:
- processing productivity,
- rational use of equipment,
- degree of technological flexibility.
It is therefore required to design and develop the   appropriate software.Research was focused on designing and development of a program package meant to analysis and dynamic optimization of automated manufacturing systems. Among the modules included in the software package, the following can be mentioned:
- modeling and simulation of manufacturing system,
- manufacturing scenario,
- graphical function,
- processing the results of analysis-simulation.

The added value of the project consists in:
- The innovative feature of the project derives  from the fact that performing IT products can be released on domestic and European market;
- Orientation  of activities towards research;
- Training of young researchers in the field of applied / fundamental research;



What is the potential for further research?Care este potenţialul pentru cercetarea viitoare?
University of Craiova is one of the most important institutions of higher education in the region SW Oltenia, with managerial experience in advanced research areas. It has remarkable collaborations and joint activities with many higher education institutions and research institutes in the world.The conclusions drawn from research conducted do provide new data on the design and implementation of software for real-time monitoring of automated manufacturing system. This system includes execution modules on QNX platforms (the real type) and modules running under Windows operating system.

Overall, further research is meant to design and develop a useful tool in studying the manufacturing systems; the system can be used successfully to support the implementation of practical and viable solutions in this area; it can also be used in specialized educational activity, be it classical or  type distance learning.





What is the proposed method of IPR-protection? (patent, license, trademark etc.)Care este metoda propusă pentru protecţia drepturilor de proprietate intelectua (brevet, licenţă, marcă înregistrată etc.)
It is proposed the protection of intellectual property rights of the product “Software system for optimization by simulation of robotic manufacturing systems” through National Patent, registered with the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks Bucharest. As the product addresses not only domestic market but also the European market, and even the world markets, we consider it is required the intellectual property rights protection by a patent issued in Europe.




What are the steps that need to be taken in order to secure the IPR-protection? What is the cost of IPR-protection?Care sunt etapele ce trebuie parcurse pentru a se asigura drepturile de proprietate intelectuală? Care este costul pentru asigurarea proprietăţii intelectuale?
   Steps that must be taken to ensure the intellectual property rights are:
1. Drafting patent application documents                                                                               200 euro
2. Filing the patent application with OSIM (State Office for Inventions and Trademarks)     50 euro
3. Publication in OSIM of patent application                                                                         100 euro
4. Examination of patent application                                                                                      450 euro
5. The patent granting and its issuance                                                                                   120 euro
6. Maintaining a patent in force throughout the period of validity                                       5000 euroTOTAL:       5920 euro




What is you overall assessment of the scientific maturity of the research result?Care este evaluarea generală a maturităţii ştiinţifice a rezultatului CD?
Developing a set of original knowledge focused on conception, design, development, testing and implementation of software product for optimization through simulation of automated manufacturing systems proved to be the scientific maturity of R&D result.

Scientific and technological excellence of research results consist of:
- Educational tasks, involvement in research activities on a contract basis, publications and attending scientific events in the country and abroad, have allowed the applicant to acquire extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of  robotic manufacturing systems;
- Current state of knowledge, theoretical approaches and practical implementations do  reveal that the solutions presented are real and feasible;
- In terms of costs, the calculated budget covers the expenses needed to conduct applied research, as well as for conducting laboratory tests.

Since its implementation requires change of management concepts and methods in robotic manufacturing systems, the product falls into the category of innovations in industry.

The proposed topics of the project will contribute to development of social and economic dimension through domestic and international cooperation in leading research areas.


Evaluare cantitativă (0-5)

Please put X as appropriate.

Vă rugăm să marcaţi cu X  punctajul considerat corespunzător

1 2 3 4 5
Scientific maturityMaturitate ştiinţifică X
SynergiesSinergii X
State-of-the-art/innovationCele mai importante realizări în domeniu/grad de inovare X
IPR-potentialPotenţialul privind drepturile de proprietate intelectuală X

We agree that all informations contained in this form to be made public in the project „Inter-regional cooperation for valorization of research results – INTERVALUE”, by publication on the project website: http://www.urenio.org/intervalue/.

Suntem de acord ca informaţiile cuprinse în acest formular să fie făcute publice în cadrul proiectului „Inter-regional cooperation for valorization of research results – INTERVALUE”, prin publicarea lor pe site-ul proiectului, la adresa: http://www.urenio.org/intervalue/.

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