Since this is the field of art and design, it does not address a particular gap. It is simply a new way of making light-emitting drawings, paintings, and other kinds of decorations.
The novelty consists in combining optic fibers with paper. The optic fibers are integrated into the paper without applying ay glue. The researcher claims that at present there is scarce research, if any at all, on combing optic fibers with a light source for interior design such as light wallpapers for instance. This on the one had, has aesthetic features, on the other hand it is a solution for emitting light from flat objects such as drawings, wallpapers, etc. Thus far optic fibers have been used mainly for making lamps, which is quite widely spread, and for incorporating them into art work pieces.


ECO LIGHT PAPER is a product made of (manually) recycled paper.It is significant 3 layer amalgama: paper + fiber optics + paper.
NO glue added!
On the working prototype has an art print to illustrate ability for additional decoration and stability of the material. The working prototype is designed as art work piece.
Light source is a only piece of standart LED which spreads light along the light conductors. It needs additional electoengineer work to find a sutible way for fixing small size power SMD LEDs (to minimize the thickness of end product).
Light emitting surface provokes positive emotions in a passive way.
The sets are covered with image chosen by the client or it is plain matt.
The image could be unique manual engraving or part of serial machine production.

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