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Please provide a short description of the state-of-the-art and/or current trends in the field? How does the result fit into it?
This result main improvement is how to manage with the similar material costs to reach higher effectiveness of the traditional solar systems. With adding only one important phase in the production process of the traditional solar systems the new solar systems are giving greater coefficient of effectiveness of solar panels and solar systems in general.





What is the problem/need/knowledge gap that the research result is responding to?  How was it addressed before?
The basics in the problem gap that the research result is responding to is the transfer of the obtained heat to the fluid (mainly water) that we like to be heated. Actually this result is solving the problem with the energy losses during the transport; in this case we are speaking about the solar energy and the transportation of the heat. How to transport this heat with the maximum temperature to the end user.





What is the potential for further research?
The highest potential for further research in the area of solar energy is effectiveness improvement and the most important the long term stability. Those two potentials were the main focus during this research also and they were reached on a satisfactory level.




What is the proposed method of IPR-protection? (patent, license, trademark etc.)
Part of the result is already IPR-protected as a patent, but there are some new researches that need to be patented.




What are the steps that need to be taken in order to secure the IPR-protection? What is the cost of IPR-protection?
The costs are not very familiar to the innovator since the patent was done quite a long time ago but approximately 1000 Euro. The result is patented on national level in Republic of Macedonia but the main obstacle for patent on European level at this stage is the financial issue.




What is you overall assessment of the scientific maturity of the research result?
The scientific maturity of the research result is on very high level since the result is addressing to a gap that is solving serious problem in the solar energy effective usage.




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