Several minor cereal, including different types of spelled Triticum turgidum spp. dicoccon (spelled winter, spring barley and spring barley red), are now cultivated in Abruzzo and in particularly in marginal upland areas located within the Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga and in the province of Teramo. Although the coarse grains, including spelled, show some interesting features from functional nutritionally poin of view, they have little aptitude for bread and pasta and that it limits the market with consequent adverse effects on the economy of the territory. This research program aims to enhance technological innovation in different types of spelled through the study of the attitude of their attitude to be transformed in pasta.

The research program provides for the compositional characterization of different accessions of spelled grain already characterized for their phenological characteristics, morphological and genetic characteristics. The characteristics chemical and physical properties of granules produced by different accessions of spelled will be analyzed and granules are then milled using the dry mill (with stone mills) or milling after preparation (with the use of rolling mills).

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