In Europe there are many small companies that produce heterogeneous plastic profiles and assemble them to make benches, fences, playground etc., Using the rules of Green Public Procurement for green procurement in public administrations. The market, however, is strongly influenced by the poor mechanical properties of products, which in a short time, especially when exposed to sunlight, they tend to warp. Therefore a process innovation, as suggested in PROWASTE could allow companies to overcome the above problem and enter the market with a product finally reliable and durable. PROWASTE project is financed under the call 2009 of the programme CIP ECO INNOVATION.

The project aims to promote an innovation in the industrial process of “intrusion” for the construction of heterogeneous plastic profiles – those plastic lumbers – with improved mechanical and aesthetic properties and develop a European-wide market for these products. The innovation consists of introducing inside the profiles of pultruded glass fiber. The result is a significant improvement of bending strength and the creep behavior of the plastic lumbers that are then assembled to create supplies for urban furnishings and outdoor use. The project is in progress and will end on June 2013.

The raw material of the production process is normally used mixed plastic in landfills or incineration. Therefore, the aggregates that are developing have a strong connotation of eco-sustainability in terms of lower emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere (the plastic is not incinerated), both in terms of energy saved (for the production of other virgin plastic).

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