In Italy an important example of public transport on demand was developed in Genoa and is called ”Drin Bus”. This is an experimental service that develops a new concept of public transport: “on demand” services, where there are no predefined lines, but the service is programmed according to user requests, you can book their trips through phone or internet, choosing source and destination within the same area. The service takes the name of ”Drin Bus” and is carried out by means of seven minibuses Mercedes Benz 214 with methane feed and air conditioning and involves initially two districts. In 2004, thanks to the European Project SIDDHARTA, the service is expanded to other areas of the city, and the fleet is increased with two minibuses. Another similar project was TWIST – Transport with social target implement by Abruzzo region. The positive conclusion of the experimentation of TWIST has given the possibility to Region Abruzzo to study the conditions for a future technical replicable of TWIST in other difficult areas with a social target and, as a result, to have to possibility to replicate the Demand Service Transport as a constant component, and not only with a pilot project of the Local Public Transport.

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