The issue of improving the effectiveness and overall quality and sensory perception in relation to the duration of preservation (shelf life) is a classical theme of the production of perishable goods, especially food, which becomes crucial in the context of contemporary industrial production. This project aims to conduct basic and applied research in order to implement the quality and stability of food based on biopolymers (proteins, polysaccharides and hydrocolloids) and other solutes, optimizing the retention / release of volatile aroma compounds and stability of dyes and pigments during the preservation.

The project is therefore specific research aimed at acquiring the knowledge needed to improve the quality and stability, as well as their transfer to the industry for the formulation and development of new products. The research involves the carrying out of tests on laboratory and industrial scaleĀ  supported by chemical and instrumental analysis which intend to identify factors of formulation and critical process relating to the use of natural colorants and flavorings in order to improve the organoleptic quality of the foods, including products of and confectionery industry, and to prolong their shelf-life.

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