The modular robotic system is composed of two primary sub-systems, a robotic arm and an exterior structure (support) for the operation components. Each sub-system is projected for a simple integration and in order to facilitate the accomplishment of the projection requirements. These requirements include:
the aspect report at the scale 1:60 with video capacity at the end;
more active sections for bending along the hyper-redundant arm.

The robotic arm contains a multitude of adjacent elements (links) interconnected through cables (wires) arranged in a series. Each element is made with inverse segments (contrary, opposed) simply or double curved. The modular structure in which the links are attached one toward another is a benefit, because it allows a simple adjustment of the length, by positioning active sections of bending along the robot arm. This is important for the testing of various configurations in real time, as well as to assure an optimum performance of the charges applied. Moreover, toward the 4 activation cables existing, through the exterior links a video cable also passes in order to connect the CCD camera mounted on top of the arm to an exterior monitor.

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