Despite the fact that several modern kitchen appliances are available to make kitchen life easier, still there are some cases when one has to stand beside the stove for a period of time and stir the food to avoid getting it burned. Furthermore, there are some other cases, when the food being prepared does not need continuous attendance, which is a higher risk for spoiling the food. Based upon those findings the design target is a product which takes some load off of the housewives. Further on no long-lasting stirring or continuous attendance will be needed. Those kitchen processes will be automated to a certain extent with an ease of use, safety, easy cleaning and silent operation.


As a result an electric kitchen appliance was designed, which ensures the even heat distribution within the food, and mix the ingredients entirely. It is applicable for sauces, soups, etc. The gadget comes with a pot. The stir head is not integrated with the pot; the pot could be used separately, but the stirring attachment is only applicable to the dedicated pot. The stirring function is performed by a wire stirring whisk, of which rotation speed can be controlled. This whisk could be taken off. The whisk is rotating concentrically in the pot, and the shape of the whisk is uniquely copying the inner contour of the pot by some millimeters. This enables the system to wipe away any pieces of food from the bottom, the corners and the wall, where the risk for the food to be burn is the highest.

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