Technical feasibility


SECTION I: Testing



Has the R & D result been tested?






The following question is replied according to the reply in question 1


If yes



In what mode has the result been tested?

•             Prototype

•             Pilot Application

•             Alpha/BETA testing


Prototype + Pilot Application currently in use




1b. Please describe and discuss the testing results
The system is working inside the University of Udine


If no:



Describe what type of testing the R&D result needs.



1d. What is the time needed for testing?
1e. What is the cost needed for testing?



SECTION 2: Current Stage of Development



To what extent does the development team have technical resources for supporting the production of a new product? (Researchers, human resources, hardware, etc. )
It has technical resources in relation to the new implementation, but it needs human resources for a commercial development of the software



What are the technical issues that need to be tackled for full deployment, if needed?
To standardize the software and to carry out more tests.




What additional technical resources are needed for the production of this new product?
To write a user manual and other documentation in order to facilitate the use for a wider range of users.



Overall assessment of the current stage of technical development.





SECTION 3: Deployment


Define the demands for large scale production in terms of
  • Materials




  • technologies, tools, machineries
More case series in order to facilitate debugging




  • Staff effort
Software assistance and development






SECTION 4: Overall Assessment



What is your overall assessment of the technical feasibility of the research result?
The simulation language (SEMoLA) as compared with similar products seems to be easy to use, clear, concise, at a good level of stage, and is used by many researchers and for the teaching at the Agricultural Faculty of the University of Udine










Please put X as appropriate. 1 2 3 4 5
Adequacy of testing activity undertaken so far       X  
Adequacy and availability of technical resources of the development team       X  
Current development stage       X  
Overall technical feasibility         X




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