Utilisation of biomass in energy production to combat climate change, replace fossil fuels and improve the security of energy supply.


SMARt – CHP introduces an innovative approach of collecting agricultural residues produced locally in rural areas and utilise them in a decentralised CHP, minimizing transportation and logistic costs, while, simultaneously, providing significant fossil fuel substitution and energy independence. The concept of SMARt – CHP combines two well established technologies, biomass gasification and gas engine power generation, in an innovative mobile unit, capable of operating at different locations producing heat and power with high thermodynamic efficiency.

Biomass thermal utilization takes place in a fluidised bed reactor, where a gaseous fuel (producer gas) is produced. The gasifier is coupled to a gas engine that is appropriately modified and optimised in order to operate with the low energy content gas of the gasifier.

The electrical power production reaches approximately 5 kWel and the thermal power 12 kWth, with a biomass consumption of 4 – 4.5 kg/h. Gasification unit design is consistent with the specific physical and chemical characteristics of the selected biomass species, whereas an innovative aspect of the SMARt – CHP unit is the utilisation of the producer gas heat content, to dry the incoming agro-residue in the required moisture content. By restoring the heat energy content and using it as drying energy, SMARt – CHP unit becomes a fuel flexible unit able of utilising various biomass species.

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