As smart city projects start across the world, Nikkei Business Publications has conducted a research on the smart city market and announced that the market size will be a cumulative total of 3,1 trillion Euro for the next twenty years. Japan announces smart cities as the next largest export. According to Intelligent Community Forum, more than 500 cities globally have been introduced with smart / intelligent characteristics. Already, several new cities have been master-planned as smart and sustainable ab novo, Songdo and Incheon (Korea), King Abdullah Economic City (Saudi Arabia), GIFT, Lavasa, and Nano City (India), Wuxi Huishan and Meixi (China), Masdar (UAE), Living PlanIT Valley (Portugal),  and Skolkovo (Russia). The platform  in Smarter World and Intelligent/Smart Cities relate to a new paradigm in the field of sustainable development, smart growth, and intelligent urbanization enabling the rise of the knowledge-based societies, intelligent nations, future cities and innovative developments. The Smart city executive platform (EXED) is intended to meet the pressing need of a new intelligent class of leaders, developers, technologists, managers, and industrialists for the sunrise market of smart/ intelligent cities projected over $ 1 trillion in the next decade. Smart city executive platform will provide to city authorities: • Smart Development Concepts and Best Practice: The core concepts and good practice that let you understand the underlying ideas in Smarter World, New Cities and Innovative Development. • Key Tendencies: What are the strategic directions that executives and professionals should be watching out? • Standards and Metrics: What are their critical implications and key performance indicators? How do you measure and monitor Progress to smart sustainable communities, as nations, cities, local communities and sustainable developments? • Best City Cases and Leading Global Smart Companies: Which are the smartest cities and key companies that you must know about? • Government Implications: How will intelligent development and smart growth affect governments and social policies? • Industrial Implications: How will projected developments and smart growth affect specific industries?

The platform includes a simulation tool for on the job training. Trainees can create use cases for smart city plans.

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