The present solution aims to eliminate the need of development and installation of custom drivers and to facilitate the connection of various electronic devices, especially if they require the establishment of a communication channel to other devices that have USB connection, e.g. computers, PDAs, mobile phones and others, automatically and transparently so the user is able to fully operate them, without having to manually intervene.
This is achieved with the present invention by implementing a common mass storage interface USB MSC, widespread and supported by most operating systems, suitably accompanied by a virtual file, i.e. that does not exist physically on the memory, which acts as a buffer of the communication system. Instead of recording a non-volatile memory, virtual file’s read and write operations directly manipulate the input and output signals through which is desired to communicate in real time. These signals can be formatted according to a protocol suited to integrate the electronic device, such as the usual asynchronous serial communications protocol. Thus, in addition to storing and sharing files, applications running from the host can directly communicate with the device through an appropriate protocol, using only simple file reading and writing operations.


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