Process is used for cleaning of roadways, sidewalks, etc.. areas of snow. Handling equipment with snow rakes device submit the press for pressing a continuous cycle, reduce the volume of snow repeatedly in a convenient form of mechanical loading, transportation, installation or storage, thereby preventing its spontaneous melting and great drainage the water bodies and from there and raising the level of international waters and at the same time reducing the cost of snow cleaning. Snow so processed and mounted by the roadside, is used to prevent drifts and crashes. Can be used for construction of temporary dikes along rivers thick and temporary ponds against flooding and permanent concrete drainage devices and gateways. Their construction can be combined with terrain avoidance of environmental violations. Virgin snow melts much more slowly through the gateway constantly adjust flow wetlands. Method allows pressing and removal of snow both for fully mechanized transportation, reducing its volume repeatedly in a convenient configuration for transport and construction, and both as a preventive measure against natural disasters and anomalies (global warming, floods, raising the level of international waters, etc. .) without disturbing the ecological balance. Method is a regulator of the ratio of the three aggregate states of water and is used as a major factor against natural disasters, climate anomalies, global warming, drought, floods, etc.. Without violating the ecological balance. In the scale of the method have a longer duration of melting, less drainage, contributing to greater fume ,smooth and continuous with drawl of the amount of heat, reduce erosion and landslides, have long and regular supply of water bodies and land and others.


The decision relates to snow removal, particularly to a process for mechanized snow removal of roadways, sidewalks, etc. areas and the use of virgin snow, so as both a barrier and preventive measure against natural disasters and anomalies.
The method consists of pressing the snow in the form of parallelepiped with appropriate configuration .
Snow by rakes equipment mounted snowplow or other vehicle, shall be submitted to the assembly on production line continuous press motion, which he pressed on in parallelepiped set configuration parameters for easy transport, installation, disposal and provides durability and traction for mounting in a clear and bright in volume units and vertical and angle holes short sides.
Pressed snow feeder is loaded or loading chassis ranks near the dam as a barrier or where mechanical loads are for transportation. Mounted on the highway, it serves as a barrier against wind-blown crashes and drifts. Can be installed along rivers as a temporary dike on the shapes, width and height, according to the pressure, volume and quantity of the water table, against flooding, with a sustainable basis.
It replaces costly dams can be built where needed and not where it combines to two factors, preventive and problem. Continued melting and slow runoff are two other factors affecting the climate and environment and then melt, returns the natural look.

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