Solo-Duo Multihybrid carThe car  uses of renewable and alternative energy on a high efficiency level. It solves the problem of limited oil recourses and pollution caused by cars.

It is easy to notice the solar cells on the roof, which can charge the batteries while the car is running or parking. The batteries could also be charged from the electricity network using plug-in technology. The applied technology of electric wheel motors, and the multi-fuel motor generator enables us to increase the range up to 800 kms with the maximum speed of 140 km per hour.  The energy loss is decreased by the regenerative braking system and the shock absorber that transforms the oscillation’s kinetics energy. Key to efficient energy management the lowered air resistance and the light weight.

SOLO is built with a light carbon composite body that is very light, hard with outstanding energy absorption qualities. The round shape of the car does not only create a friendly look, but it significantly lowers the air resistance.

Results of CO2 emission and efficient energy management are also convincing: 45 g per km, which is one third of today’s car’s emission. Fuel consumption can be kept below 2 litres per 100kms.

Outstanding energy efficiency and usability achived by:

  • Solar panels
  • Range-extender
  • Regenerative Braking System
  • Battery management system (Lithium-Ion).
  • Electric control systems
  • Wheel motors
  • Material – carbon composite body and its technology
  • Organic design features

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