In the region, including Hungary, the extremes in weather are becoming to be seen more frequently. Certain periods of heavy rains or at other times drought can be observed. This extreme weather is caused by the climate change. These changing weather conditions require higher efficiency, or on this purpose even new tillage systems which have not been used previously in the region.


As the result of the design and development process, an innovative, modular strip-tillage implement was built. The strip-tillage is an environment friendly tillage system. By using this tillage method we can minimize the resources we use for the tillage, as well as being able to realize the biological and physical harmony of the soil itself. With the possibility of optional tillage tools, there is the chance to optimize the machine for local weather conditions and for the demands of soil cultivation. The modular build-up of the machine frame widens the possibilities of application, and enables the manufacturer to set up the machine to be suitable for regional (weather, soil, tractor performance, etc.) requirements. Several differences in seasonal applications are also easy to handle by the rapid changing of the modules. The modular system makes it possible to get liquid fertilizers into the soil later, by connecting a simple adapter to the frame. For carrying strip-tillage implements, and the nutrition supply, a complete carry-frame was developed, which makes it possible to assemble a whole compound with 4,5 m work-width.

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