A suite of training modules directed at Business Incubator managers was developed as part of the SUMMIT II project, funded by the LEONARDO EC program.
The primary objective of SUMMIT II was to further develop and disseminate the Training and Information Resource for the personnel of business incubators in order to enhance their business performance.

The modules developed are:
I. Introduction to Business Incubation (to be delivered in 14 teaching hours)
II. Developing and Evaluating Business Incubators (21 hours)
III. Business Incubator Management Consultancy (14 hours)
IV. Innovation Financing & Tools (14 hours)
In total the 4 modules cover all basic aspects of how a business incubator is created, developed and how it provides consultancy services and access to financial tools to its occupants (incubates). The whole training can be delivered in 63 teaching hours (9 days) and is currently under accreditation process by the personnel certification organization STAREGISTER (

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