Shading of buildings, the heat balance is important because of the utilization of sun as a  renewable energy source. Persons are dependent on light spectrum (biosolar architecture). The program statistically calculates data on the basis of information collected by the Meteorological Institutions during several years.

Nowadays the use of the renewable energy sources become most and most necessary, especially solar energy, because it is available mostly for everybody.  The SUNARCH program is the only one, by which one can make maximum use of own solar collector.  The program is based upon meteorologically recorded solar energy impact values according orientation. The program my predict the optimum orientation of collectors to gain  maximum solar energy, even considering the free sky conditions also.

SUNARCH is a computer program for all kind of activity regarding solar energy application, design of isolation and shading devices based upon recorded meteorological data. It is a running program, for the purpose to optimize the solar energy yield of solar collectors due to their proper orientation and also for the design of insulation or for the protection against overheating of closed architectural spaces.





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