How to Create Your Profile

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to create your Expert’s profile in the INTERVALUE Collaborative Platform. Let’s get started!

Final Product

The following screenshot shows a sample Expert’s profile.

Step 1 – Authentication

Start by login as an Expert using the Username / Password combination that you have received from an INTERVALUE partner.

If you choose the “Log In” from the Experts’ Toolbar on the top you will be transfered to the login screen.

After the login process your name (or username), photo and Experts’ Toolbar will be appear in the homepage.

Step 2 – Edit Profile

Hover over “My Account > Profile” and click “Edit Profile”.

Fill in your Full Name, Short CV, Fields of Expertise and Contact Details. In the end click the “Save Changes” button.

Step 3 – Change Avatar

Click “Change Avatar” to upload your photo.

Click the “Browse” button to select and upload an image from your computer.

Arrange the crop window in order to select the desirable area of the photo and click the “Crop Image” button.

Your profile has been successfully created!

Step 4 – Messaging Between Experts

The platform supports the exchange of messages between Experts. Each Expert has a unique identifier that you can type into any message on this site. The platform will be sent a notification and a link to your message any time you use it. You can find the Expert’s identifier next to his/her name.

To send a message either click the “Compose” tab in your profile page or the “Send Private Message” button in recipient Expert’s profile page.

Step 4 – Change Settings

By clicking the “Settings” tab you can change your email, password and notifications’ settings. You can even delete your account from the platform.

Login to Valorisation Plans

To start connecting please log in first.

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