Starting from an original intuition and through continuous research and innovations CAPPA PREFABBRICATI has developed over the years a several  technology of coating which is today one of the distinctive component of the entire product variety.

The main challenge has been above all to find a solution for the production of this new article for civil and productive area  and also to find the potential market.

Thanks to this CAPPA PREFABBRICATI today can count on a vast and varied range of roofing solutions, with custom tailored proposals for any type of use, many of which are real supremacies in its sector at regional and national level.

This covering  system ensures high performance and reliability in most critical aspects that are normally in traditional roofing products, particularly light  brick ones.

The TEGOLO ANDROMEDA is an  element with  a single beam and  with a central core, walkable, rectangular shaped  wings and double side.

The special shape allows the coverage of important lights (max. 28 meters) and the formation of elegant minished allowing the mill to provide a uniform diffused light, well suited to particular environments.

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