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  • An INTERVALUE Valorisation Plan
  • An INTERVALUE Valorisation Plan
  • he spot welding is used for processing of small and precision elements. The problem with conventional spot welding is the scratches and scrap remains at the elements surface after the contact with the electrode. Galvano Ltd. developed a new non-contact instrument for spot welding that allows to process small and precise elements without injuring their surface.
  • The method proposed is a new ecological, cost effective way of cellulose water pool treatment that leaves no bacteria or strains in the paper product. It consists of technology and instantiation that treat the bacteria before the final product processing. The results is clear from all kinds of anaerobic bacterias paper products.
  • The innovative solutions developed are represented by five clean, easy to implement and use technologies for medical cosmetic products for thalasso-therapy (3 products branded Solilug) and aromatherapy and thalasso-(a total of 41 products branded Sea Stars). The technology used features combination of active ingredients - waste liquor from the mud and salt industry and essential oils and herbal extracts. The innovative products are used in medical and pohysiotherapy programs for relaxation, invigoration, prevention, rehabilitation and treatment of various diseases, mainly of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.
  • Use of surface treatments based on UV-light exposure of ready-to-eat foods

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