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  • The method proposed is a new ecological, cost effective way of cellulose water pool treatment that leaves no bacteria or strains in the paper product. It consists of technology and instantiation that treat the bacteria before the final product processing. The results is clear from all kinds of anaerobic bacterias paper products.
  • Silver is a natural element and occurs as a trace mineral in the soils. Galvano Ltd. developed an easy to use pen to add sliver ions in drinking water.
  • Bulgarian company offers know-how and technology for manufacturing of products, based on natural zeolites. The technology allows modification of the zeolites in order to meet wide range of applications - purifying of industrial and waste water for drinking purposes, food for animals, artificial soil, drugs and food additives. The products are innovative, effective and have competitive price.
  • An industrial design for producing energy through the anaerobic process of organic material
  • An innovative approach to fabricate customised cranial inplants
  • Industrial processes are tightly connected with emission of enormous amount of waste gases, waste waters, and solid waste. These are either by-products or end-products of the plant operational cycle or the combustion process itself. The carbon intensive economy relies on fossil fuels and is emitter of green house gases, toxic gases, waste waters rich of organic and inorganic substances, as well as fly and bottom ash. Waste possess a threat to the environment and to human health, as it is toxic yet abundant.

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