Results for "All Thematic Areas"

  • A browser with advanced features
  • High sensitivity, airborne, ultraviolet, remote sensing digital camera
  • An industrial design for heating greenhouses from groundthermal energy sources
  • An industrial design for producing energy through the anaerobic process of organic material
  • A web service for multi sourced web 2.0 recommendations
  • Cranial electrotherapy stimulation devices are generally similar in size and appearance but produce very different waveforms. Researchers- engineers together with phisicians studied the possibilities for treatment of different disease and to find the most appropriate electrical or magnetic waves. A prototype was developed and experiments were carried out in the University of Medicine, Sofia.
  • Un-tethered autonomous flying wind power plant
  • Integrated multifunctional heat insulation of panel buildings
  • SUNARCH is a computer program for all kind of activity regarding solar energy application, design of isolation and shading devices based upon recorded meteorological data
  • Development of humanoid robot with more artificial intelligence and flexibility
  • A face detection software
  • The innovative solutions developed are represented by five clean, easy to implement and use technologies for medical cosmetic products for thalasso-therapy (3 products branded Solilug) and aromatherapy and thalasso-(a total of 41 products branded Sea Stars). The technology used features combination of active ingredients - waste liquor from the mud and salt industry and essential oils and herbal extracts. The innovative products are used in medical and pohysiotherapy programs for relaxation, invigoration, prevention, rehabilitation and treatment of various diseases, mainly of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.
  • An interactive multimodal learning environment
  • Biometric Access Control
  • Software suite for bringing video surveillance to mobile devices
  • Bio-physical simulation model of the whole farm
  • non procedural meta-language to build simulation models for continuous/event driven, deterministic/stochastic systems
  • The technology and additives for bright tin plating is designed for electrolysis deposition of tin coatings primarily in the sphere of electronics, but in some cases it is applicable for the food, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. The innovation represents an electrolyte of sulfates and the sulfuric acid. There are two additives- starting (dispersive) and consumables with gloss and countervailing action. The product is applicable for stationary and the drum tanks at room temperature (15 to 30oC). An important requirement for these coatings is excellent welding whereas they also have antiseptic properties and high corrosion resistance. As a result, the innovative solution achieves a 100% efficiency in corrosion resistance and welding features - the latter is especially necessary for their application in electrical engineering and electronics.

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