Technical feasibility

SECTION I: Testing


1 Has the R & D result been tested?
Yes the R&D result has been tested.


1a In what mode has the result been tested?•           Prototype

•           Pilot Application

•           Alpha/BETA testing

The R&D result has been tested in large projects as:

Thessaloniki’s White Tower: monitoring and evaluation of indoor climate and air quality conditions in order to be used as a City Museum

Church of Panagia Achiropoiitos: heating study

The R&D result has also been applied many times in schools and buildings.

1b. Τesting results
Thessaloniki’s White Tower

The White Tower is a historical building in the port of Thessaloniki, and it is considered the city’s trademark. LHTEE’s was called to examine the building in order to be used as a City Museum. The specific objectives were to monitor and evaluate the building’s indoor climate and air quality conditions, to determine the necessary interventions for the improvement of the indoor environmental quality and to propose methods for the limitation of energy demands. The team of LHTEE had to take under consideration the restrictions imposed by the building’s age, features and significance. The work was carried out in three main phases:Monitoring for a whole year indoor climate conditions and CO2 concentration

Processing of the data collected regarding temperature, humidity, air flow and CO2

Proposing of solutions for thermal and air quality conditions improvement, as ventilation through air dehumidifiers, well placed window fans and replacement of the existing internal doors with new perforated doors


Panagia Achiropoiitos

LHTEE’s objective for Panagia Achiropiitos was to inspect and evaluate the church’s thermal comfort conditions and select the most effective heating method. Meanwhile the artistic, monumental and aesthetic value of the church had to be maintained. Within this framework a thorough inspection and evaluation of the thermal comfort conditions in the church was carried out, using an infrared camera, hygrometers and thermometers, providing enough data for the evaluation of the thermal comfort conditions prevailing in winter. After comparing alternative solutions, floor heating, warm-air heating, integrated pew heaters, oil or gas heaters, radiation heaters, and infrared heaters, the latter were considered to be the most appropriate. They covered the demand for thermal comfort without incommoding the interior environment and the aesthetic and historic value of the church.

In both cases the R&D result managed to achieve its goals efficiently. These goals were:

- to measure indoor air quality conditions

- to measure thermal conditions

- to propose methods for the improvement of air quality

- to propose methods for the improvement of thermal conditions while minimizing energy costs


SECTION 2: Current Stage of Development


2a To what extent does the development team have technical resources for supporting the production of a new product? (Researchers, human resources, hardware, etc. )
The development team has both the human resources as well as the technical resources to offer this new service. The R&D result is a result of collective effort and the team of developers is available to work on full scale for the offering of the service.


2b What are the technical issues that need to be tackled for full deployment, if needed?
There are no technical issues that can cause problems in the deployment of the service.


2c What additional technical resources are needed for the production of this new product?
The additional technical resources are 2 new air quality measurement devices and the signing of a contract for the maintenance of the machinery used. These additional resources, even though they are not necessary for the deployment of the service, however they could contribute in the quality of the service provided.


2d Overall assessment of the current stage of technical development.
The R&D result is ready for application in large scale.


SECTION 3: Deployment


3a Define the demands for large scale production in terms of
  • Materials
  • technologies, tools, machineries
  • Staff effort
The demands for large scale production of the service are:


  1. (6) Temperature and relative humidity data recorders (dataloggers), wire for connection with a pc, Windows software , start of measurement with a magnet TESTO 175-2
  2. (1) Device for measuring flowting particles with a wire for PC connection (RS232C) and software APC Airborne Particle Counter (Biotest)
  3. (1) indoor climate conditions and indoor air quality measurement device (control unit), wire for connection with a PC (RS232) and windows software TESTO 445
  4. (1) indoor climate conditions and indoor air quality measurement device, wire for connection with a PC (RS232) and windows software TESTO 350 M/XL-TESTO 454
  5. (1) Measurement sensor CO TESTO 0632 1247
  6. (2) Measurement sensor CO2 TESTO 0632 1240
  7. (1) Temperature, relative humidity and air velocity measurement sensor TESTO 0635 1540
  8. (1) Temperature and air velocity measurement sensor (Φ16 mm) TESTO 0635 9540
  9. (1) Temperature and relative humidity in conductors measurement sensor TESTO 0636 9715
  10. (1) Air velocity in conductor exit measurement sensor (Φ100 mm) TESTO 9340 108
  11. (1) Differentiated pressure measurement sensor TESTO 0638 1345
  12. (1) Set for the graduation of device TESTO 445
  13. (1) machine for the impression of surface temperature (thermal camera) type IR FlexCam®
  14. (2) Measurer of temperature and relative humidity type HOBO LCD Data Logger.
  15. (1) Device for the measurement (Lazer) of surface temperature type PCE-888 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers 8818HI8819H/8828H series
  16. (4) Measurer – Temperature and CO2 monitor type 7001 Carbon dioxide and temperature monitor


 4 scientists, 1 administrative employee and 1 salesman


SECTION 4: Overall Assessment

4 What is your overall assessment of the technical feasibility of the research result?
The R&D result is ready for application in large scale.
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