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TREMOVE is a policy assessment model, designed to study the effects of different transport and environment policies on the emissions of the transport sector. The model estimates for policies as road pricing, public transport pricing, emission standards, subsidies for cleaner cars etc., the transport demand, modal shifts, vehicle stock renewal and scrappage decisions as well as the emissions of air pollutants and the welfare level. TREMOVE models both passenger and freight transport, and covers the period 1995-2030.

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REMOVE is in fact 2 models: a land transport model, and a maritime model. The land transport model has been set up to model all transport within 1 country. At the moment, input databases are calibrated to feed the model for 31 countries.The TREMOVE 2.52 model has been developed by Transport & Mobility Leuven in a service contract for the European Commission, DG Environment. The most recent TREMOVE 2.7 version includes further developments made in the 6th Framework Programme GRACE project. Link to the TREMOVE page on the Europa website: The first version of the model dates 1997-1998. At that time, the model covered 9 countries and focussed on road transport. The K.U.Leuven and DRI developed the first model as an analytical underpinning for the European Auto-Oil II programme

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