UV-PoMo is a high sensitivity, airborne, ultraviolet, remote sensing digital camera. UV-PoMo captures images showing pollution in specific areas, such as hydrocarbon pollution in sea and internal waters. It captures images allowing its users to choose both the preferred level of sensitivity and the duration of the acquisition according to flight conditions. The camera can be easily set up to capture data in various ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum, measuring up to the infrared band.
UV-PoMo is a product developed for the remote sensing based on the Uvstar detectors technology. The first prototype was utilized on an helicopter by the OGS (National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics) as a pollution monitor instrument, in particular for the detection of the oil spill in the Gulf of Trieste. The instrument can be easily configured through an external remote control panel: i.e. some parameters can be modified in order to adapt the acquisition to different flight conditions. The digital camera can be configured to acquire images in different spectral bands from UV to near IR.



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