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1 Please provide a short description of the state-of-the-art and/or current trends in the field? How does the result fit into it?

As a novelty in the field, the companies Exair Corporation USA and Meech Airtech Co. England carry out spot heating and cooling, where the coolant (air) is processed by a “pneumatic vortex generator” using the effect of energy separation of a flow of compressed air (3-7 bar) into two flows – a cold and a hot one (Ranque Hilsch effect), within a vortex field.

From the present research, I identified as a novelty the fact that the thermal-gas-dynamic effect of energy separation in vortex field can be seen also at low pressure. This aspect of  the existence of the phenomenon of air  heating and cooling at low pressure (1,5÷2,5 bar), leads us to the idea that the compressed air source, which normally is a compressor , could be replaced by a simpler equipment, like a pressure fan/blower. The use of fan as pressure source instead of a compressor is imposed also in relation to the overall dimensions of the two units, maintenance and reliability, energy consumption and purchase price. It cannot be neglected the fact that the pressurized air supplied by a fan is a natural, non-polluted air, without over heating or traces of oil as compared to that one supplied by a compressor.

Continuation of the inter and multidisciplinary researches appeals to peak knowledge in the fields of physics, thermal gas dynamics, fluid mechanics, fine mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer, pneumatics, automation, environment protection and quality.

Project realization is beneficial for environment and for physiological comfort of the people who live or perform activities at home, office, workshop, etc.

2 What is the problem/need/knowledge gap that the research result is responding to?  How was it addressed before?

Freon, produced in many qualitative types, is used at present in almost every thermo-dynamic processes of refrigeration plants such as: refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning installations. However, in spite of the got quantitative and qualitative expansion, the use of all Freon (chlorofluorocarbon) is generally called into question, because  of the destruction of the ozone layer in stratosphere, this fact allowing the accumulation of high quantities of ultraviolet radiations  on the Earth, radiations with detrimental effects for people, animals and plants. At the same time, besides other gases resulting from industrial processes, Freon gas, due to its very  long lasting persistence in stratosphere, contributes to retaining in atmosphere the ascendant thermal radiation,  generating the well known greenhouse effect.

All these serious problems of our planet are analyzed and debated in specialty world commissions, where measures for limiting the Freon use and finding other substitutes are imposed.

In this respect, the project having as result the analyzed product develops a  new and ecological technology, where the energy, refrigerating and  thermal powers  in the installation will be assured by means of some “pneumatic vortex generators” based on the effect of separating the energy of an incident flux of compressed air, in a vortex field,  into two flows – a cold one and a hot one (Ranque- Hilsch effect), technology which eliminates entirely the Freon.

3 What is the potential for further research?

From a technical scientific point of view, it is necessary to develop physical models of the thermodynamic phenomena which are producing and to interpret some quantities, such as: temperature gradients, overpressures and underpressures, angular and linear velocities of air flows, humidity, noise level, refrigerating and thermal power, air quality.

The research result ranges among the research directions regarding the promotion of clean energy technologies, reduction of green house gas emissions, also of low pollution technologies, especially in energy generation end transport.

The main aim of the research result is the development of some innovative and ecological technologies, for solving some serious problems regarding environment pollution and assurance of minimal conditions of physiological comfort for human factor.

The necessity to develop efficient and ecological products is justified by the need to limit drastically the emissions of green house gases and to diminish the devastating consequences of climatic changes, in accordance with the international treaties from Kyoto and Lisbon.

4 What is the potential of the research result for synergy with other research areas either in the same or in a different discipline?

The research result makes the connection with other interdisciplinary fields, (physics, thermal gas dynamics, pneumatics, automatics, fine mechanics) which make possible to take over conceptive or peak technology achievements for carrying out new air conditioning installations, to promote some efficient, clean energy technologies with low degree of pollution and to reduce green house gas emissions.

Continuation of theoretical and experimental researches can demonstrate the fact that the got results can be also implemented in automotive industry.

5 What is the proposed method of IPR-protection? (patent, license, trademark etc.)

The research result is recorded at the State office for Inventions and Trademarks Bucharest, Romania, as Patent no.:  RO 122506 B1 / 2009.

The patent is of national level.

Because the product is addressing not only to the national market, but also to European and even world market, we consider necessary to protect the property rights by an European patent.

6 What are the steps that need to be taken in order to secure the IPR-protection? What is the cost of IPR-protection?

The stages which should be covered for assuring the intellectual property rights are:

1. Drawing up the documentation of patent application –200 eurs.

2. Recording the patent request at OSIM (State office for Inventions and Trademarks) –   35 euros.

3. Publishing by OSIM the patent request –58 euros.

4. Examination of the patent request –575 euros.

5. Granting the patent and its issuing –115 euros.

6. Maintaining in force the patent for the entire validity period –6809 euros.

For a possible protection by European patent, costs of about 27000 euros are foreseen.

7 What is the expected impact of the research result? (industry, society, administration etc. and target groups of beneficiaries)

In many working places, commercial spaces or living spaces, it is necessary to assure some environmental conditions for the minimal physiological comfort of the people. In this respect, the air conditioning installations must achieve an artificial microclimate by providing fresh and clean air, maintaining the temperature within certain limits imposed by the thermal comfort.

The achievement of the functional model of the ecological air conditioning installation is a real help in demonstrating its operation and usefulness, drawing the interest of the potential  manufacturers type SMEs (Small and Medium Entreprises), or companies from automotive industry.

The research result aimed at the promotion of some ecological technologies for air conditioning based on patentable technical solutions is intended to be made known to the big manufacturers of air conditioning apparatus with Freon (Whirlpool, Sanyo, Vortex, Westinghouse, etc.), for convincing them to invest in a new air conditioning technology.

And, last but not the least the final beneficiary is the human being, which lives or performs activities at home, office, workshop or automotive interior.

8 What is you overall assessment of the scientific maturity of the research result?

Technically and scientifically, it leads to the increase of the Romanian  research activity, in priority fields of European and international research, contributing to the integration of Romanian research in the priorities of the European Research Space and increasing the chances to attract European research funds.

The research result has a significant degree of technical novelty and originality, fact recognized by the patent RO 122506 B1/2009. There are also project inflexions in many research areas, and also a sure potential for future research.

Romania adhering to European Union imposes policies of life and environment protection: the technology promoted by the project regarding the air conditioning with pressurized air can replace the air conditioning installations with classical coolants (Freon), which have proved in time that they are not ecological for the environment, leading to the destruction of the ozone layer from atmosphere and to the acceleration of the “green house effect”.


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