Waste management is usually related to chemical treatment and sophisticated equipment especially for treatment of all kinds of waste.
The invention relates to a method for processing of waste products through mechanical, biological, physical and thermal treatment. There are no restrictions on the types of waste. With the use of technology and products obtained manhole, landfill, building restoration, etc. becomes unnecessary. The products are lightweight and environmentally friendly.


Waste is packed into the hopper and dispenser through which refined his submission on the conveyor belt. It takes the waste to mills for soft and solid waste. Crushed waste has a size of 0.1 mm to 0.5 mm. It is than passed to the decontamination chamber with a vertical aspiration into the upper end. Decontaminated waste passes through processing by ultraviolet generator and then fed into the chamber for homogenizing. Thus, the resulting homogeneous mixture is fed into the chamber to adjust the humidity by controlling moisture contact hygrometer from 6% to 12%. Then the waste is fed to the press that it pressed under a pressure of 670 to 1100 kg / a form. It is then submitted to drying at 90-110 C. The result is an integral part of multifunctional products for infrastructure and construction. Component occupies about 40% of the product. As intended products are lightweight and have drainage, heat and noise insulation features. The waste is then transformed from useless material to a valuable profitable basic material.

The technology is flexible with open-ended, according to the type of waste, functionality, basic material (mortar or clay) and activity. Waste is included as a base ingredient in the product itself and/or with basic material. The configuration provides the necessary high quality indicators, creating multifunctional products for the infrastructure construction industries containing over than 40% processed (non-hazardous to the environment) waste.

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