The spot welding is used for processing of small and precision elements. The problem with conventional spot welding is the scratches and scrap remains at the elements surface after the contact with the electrode.

Galvano Ltd. developed a new non-contact instrument for spot welding that allows to process small and precise elements without injuring their surface.

The device uses a new technology that allows non-contact ignition of the arc, but that advantage is to avoid the accumulation of metals at the electrode tip, which extends at times it’s life.The welding method is known in the trade as TIG – welding, which means + tungsten inert gas argon in the case.
The main advantages of the device is the non-contact ignition which enables the electrode to touch the object and to obtain a smooth, shiny and tough weld, while the electrode tip remains clean and thus prolongs it’s life. The device allows to make continuous spot sewing. While working with the device is possible to use normal welding mask and protects the eyes.

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